Project Planning & Management
  • PPM Theory, Primaverma, Microsoft Project

Project Planning &Management (CPM)

Duration : 45 Days

Level 5

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Approach
  • Strategical Thinking and Risk Analysis
  • Project Planning - Master Plan Generation
  • Project Management Procedures Used for Construction Industry by Big MNC's and Construction Companies of India and World
  • Role of Project Manager in Construction Indus y
  • Project Budget Preparation with all factors analysis in Hand
  • Actual Situation Comparison with Budget Amount
  • Progress Monitoring with the Key Indicators Strategy
  • MS Project Basics - Scheduling
  • Project Coordination Techniques with Accounts, HR, Purchase and Procurement Departments with easy solutions
  • Management Information Generation
  • Modem Building Construction Trends Execution Plan & Strategy Building
  • Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) for speedy progress of work
  • Quality Assurance with Total Quality Control Planning
  • Site (Field) Management Techniques used by Project Managers at Site
  • Management of Emergencies in High Rise Buildings
  • Self Inspection for Quality Construction at Site
  • Cost and Time Controlling Strategies used for Construction Projects